Why preloved?

Fast/throwaway fashion places an environmental strain on our long-suffering planet earth. The term fast derives from the techniques, processes and fabrics used, often cheaply produced and poor quality. Working conditions may be harrowing with potential exploitation of workers  Sourcing quality clothes that are currently within circulation slows the tide and however small, a change will occur. Non-required clothes can languish in landfill and can take 200 years to decompose and 95% of these discarded textiles could be re-purposed.  Buying preloved helps saves the planet and in turn saves you pennies. 

How loved is preloved and what will the condition be?

Some of our items will have been more active in the land of kiddie-winks but the vast majority are very lightly worn or look as good as new. There will at times be slight flaws, small marks or wash-wear but please be assured we will draw attention to any imperfections we see and this will be reflected in the price . Organic fabrics sometimes show signs of wash-wear but are kinder on the planet and ultimately designed to last longer. Our promise to you is that we would never knowingly list a product that we wouldn't be thrilled to dress our children in. Our standards are very high!

Are the clothes clean?

Always! We use environmentally friendly Eco Eggs which wash the clothes gently and are kinder on sensitive skin. If the weather is on our side, they enjoy a blow on the line and the tumble dryer is avoided at all costs. We use a fabric-reviving steamer or carefully iron out creases.

What ages do you stock?

We mainly stock from Newborn up to age 10 however we are always trying to build on our older range which  can found be in the Over Tens & Teens page.

Where do you ship to?

We will deliver worldwide, please see HERE for more details on delivery.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards and cash on collection or delivery.


What is your returns policy?

Full details can be found HERE